TDB restrictions from 2015: Still the case?

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at
Wed Dec 23 21:34:02 UTC 2020

hi Noel,
> I am looking for a replacement for Berkeley DB.
> At the moment, I am looking at TDB for that, and I found an email from 2015
> detailing issues if TDB was used in large scale projects.
> The Email from 2015 can be found in the archive[1].
> Please let me know if these restrictions are still true today.
> Kind regards
> Noel
> [1]

The 32 bit limit has not changed.

The "Extremly poor Performance of the LDB/TDB Database Stack" was due to the LDB
layer which has a lot of work to do and was then quite inefficient.

I don't know about the threads. The CPU load mentioned would be LDB load.

We have improved LDB performance a lot, and for >4GB installs we introduced LMDB
as a backend option. I can't remember exact numbers, but when comparing LDB
performance with TDB and LMDB, there is not much to distinguish the two (with
<4GB databases, obviously). The core database is not a bottleneck.


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