GitLab CI runner rebuilt

Ralph Boehme slow at
Tue Dec 22 09:05:23 UTC 2020

Am 12/21/20 um 4:37 AM schrieb Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical:
> Just a heads up that I've rebuilt the GitLab runner in rackspace.
> The runner has been simplified, the (unused) installation of Docker on
> the bastian host has been removed, and we have moved to the gitlab
> maintained fork of docker-machine.
> (I tried to move to rancher-machine, but it fails in the rackspace
> driver).
> Finally, I removed password authentication from SSH (which is enabled
> by default in the rackspace images, ouch!) on the bastian host, which
> should reduce the load from the attackers.
> I'm still hoping to move to OSU-OSL but I think I'm out of time before
> Christmas and some of the tools are not working properly for me there.
> If you notice anything odd, do let me know.

seems to work fine. Thanks a lot!


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