Samba testing on CentOS 8

Martin Schwenke martin at
Sat Dec 12 00:25:35 UTC 2020

Hi Andrew,

On Sat, 12 Dec 2020 09:45:44 +1300, Andrew Bartlett
<abartlet at> wrote:

> One advantage of the current bootstrap system is that as long as nobody
> deletes the CI images that are built, the existing images remain a
> stable snapshot.  It is 'just' the bootstrap scripts that break for
> others, and of course building a new image now becomes more difficult.

Thanks for hammering that observation home!  I found it slightly
annoying when I had to build new images to test my branch on GitLab but
I now realise that the stability is a core feature.

I guess I could make autocluster create VM images for all cluster nodes
by taking a snapshot of all cluster nodes after they have been built 
(sans Samba/CTDB).  However, this is a change that requires significant
work.  At the moment I lazily unpack a Samba binary tarball on all
nodes and run the bootstrap script extracted from the tarball.  Hmmm...
the sanest way would seem to be to build a base image containing
everything except Samba/CTDB and the cluster filesystem.  However,
that's what we've moved away from because building your own VM images
eventually drives you crazy (yes, that's what happened).

Requires more thought...

> It is particularly sad that the end-user use of the bootstrap script
> could become less reproducible, that was a really nice feature.

A small hack fixes it.

If you're still removing Bugzilla review requests and are bored of that, please
consider reviewing and pushing this:


peace & happiness,

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