Merge commits to v4.19 from 4.20 & 5.6 for cifs Backup intent flag fixes

Vidhesh Ramesh vidhesh.ramesh at
Thu Dec 10 18:27:33 UTC 2020

Thanks Steve.

We are not using any distro and building our onprem VM ovas with Centos 7.8 and kernel 4.19 (4.19.134). We did try the latest kernel of LTS 4.19 kernel build 160 and still see that the backup intent is not being sent for some of the calls. However, on kernel 5.4 we see the same working as expected.

We are currently planning to stay on kernel 4.19 as it is stable and LTS release & hence wanted to see if the fixes could be backported to kernel 4.19.

We see #1 in 4.19 and #1,#2,#3 in 5.4. Since its working with 5.4 and not with 4.19 was wondering if #2 and #3 are not in 4.19 and hence if it could be backported ?

1. - v4.19.rc1
2. - v4.20.rc1
3. - v4.20.rc1
4. - v5.6-rc1

Vidhesh Ramesh

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Subject: Re: Merge commits to v4.19 from 4.20 & 5.6 for cifs Backup intent flag fixes 
You may want to contact the guys that package your custom distro.
Since some of those patches are marked for stable they would be
automatically backported but I don't know who provides your custom
kernel.   AFAIK these are likely to be backported already by Redhat so
if you are using CentOS 8.2 or RHEL8.2 there is a good chance that
these are already in.

On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 2:18 PM Vidhesh Ramesh
<vidhesh.ramesh at> wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> We mount cifs shares on our centos machines running kernel v4.19 using backupoperator privileges using backupid, however we do not see that the backup intent is used for all calls. We did find fixes for them in 4.20 & 5.6 but not in 4.19. Would it be able to merge these commits to 4.19 as well ?
> Here are the commits of interest.
> 1. - v4.19.rc1
> 2. - v4.20.rc1
> 3. - v4.20.rc1
> 4. - v5.6-rc1
> Vidhesh Ramesh



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