PATCH: make disabling of vfs_snapper consistent with our configure/build system

Matt Taylor liverbugg at
Mon Aug 31 22:20:50 UTC 2020

On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 8:53 AM Karolin Seeger via samba-technical
<samba-technical at> wrote:
> > I get that Björn would like to change our mostly-but-not-entirely
> > consistent position from 'all features on by default, turn them off if
> > they don't work for you' (since Waf was introduced) to 'auto-figure
> > what the system has' (what autoconf traditionally did).
> >
> > I also get that we have not been entirely consistent.
> >
> > But we did Waf, and much of this change, back in Samba 4.0 so why is
> > this blocking the release at 4.13?
> The point with 4.13.0 is, that the !snapper in the vfs module list does
> not work any longer (and it does in 4.12). It has been broken by commit
> 7ae03a19b3ca895ba5f97a6bd4f9539d8daa6e0a.
> Additionally, Samba does not build by default on many non Linux
> plattforms any longer. The auto dection mode "build if possible" is very
> nice for vendors.
> Can we revert this patch for 4.13.0?
> Cheers,
> Karo
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> Karolin Seeger        
> Release Manager Samba Team
> Team Lead Samba SerNet

Would changing the conf.fatal to a Logs.warn in the snapper check
similar to how Ceph and GlusterFS handle their enabling work?  It
looks like that would allow it to continue through to the
shared_modules enable/disable options.

There is also the patch from David in the MR that was dropped from
merging that sets disabled by default for snapper:
but that has the issues Andrew mentions in the MR.

Sorry to have dug up more of a can of worms than expected with my
original patch.



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