The way to using s4u2self in winbindd

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Fri Aug 7 22:37:48 UTC 2020

On Fri, 2020-08-07 at 14:17 +0200, Stefan Metzmacher via samba-
technical wrote:
> Hi,
> This is an overview over the remaining tasks to make of of S4U2self
> in Samba's winbindd, which would work also via domain trusts.
> Given the recent discussion regarding our LDAP libraries, I'd like to
> get some feedback regarding my roadmap. No promises that I'll work on
> these items in near future, but it would be good to get NACKs as
> early
> as possible.

Thanks for the roadmap.  This is a vision I can support and I
particularly support spelling out clearly a plan in advance.  

I still also have hopes to work on parts of that roadmap and if I get
the time I'll certainly let you know so we don't double up.

In particular I did mention I (Catalyst really) has a small amount of
time allocated for the testing parts, no more than a week full time
really.  My plan was to put that into some of the tests that manually
re-encode the outgoing packet in the

But neither do I want to duplicate the work you already have in;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master-krb5-testing

I know I've been working with you for ages, but I still don't have
confidence on how to approach collaborating on your WIP branches.  I
just get overwhelmed with a sea of (often reverted) patches with commit
messages that mean far more to you than me, and naturally missing the
Signed-off-by because they are unfinished. 

How, given this and the time constraints, can I/we usefully contribute?

It is better to just build on master a few more tests (eg add to
simple_tests) or can you give me a roadmap to your branch for some
small aspect that can be carved off and finished?  (And if so, any
guidelines on how to work with your commits)?


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