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Jeremy Allison jra at
Wed Apr 8 16:07:07 UTC 2020

On Wed, Apr 08, 2020 at 08:32:50AM +0200, swen via samba-technical wrote:
> Hi Uri, Jeremy, Ralph, Volker, Metze and others
> I know you all have received enough emails about this subject already,
> but I'd like to ask you one more time to revisit merge request 1258
> I'm not sure if you all got informed about the comments / updates since
> our last conversation round, therefore, I'm sending out this friendly
> reminder :-)
> As stated in the MR, I have updated the code according to your comments
> and suggestions, including an abort mechanism for the async-callback
> variant. 
> ...and yes, for now, I threw out the _all-variant.
> In order to re-start my work on winbindd_ldap, which is the "real"
> project I'm working on, I need to have a stable foundation in the
> tldap-area.
> So please, if your time permits, have another look at the MR.

You haven't explained *why* you need this code.

I see tldap changes, and a test which is great.

I don't see any *users* of this code.

Adding utility code without any use requirements
is a receipe for bad API's and design.

Please show the need for this code before
we go any further spending valuable review
time on it.


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