WSL and remapping of reserved characters to Unicode remap range

Steve French smfrench at
Sat Sep 21 09:44:20 UTC 2019

Did some experiments today with files created by the Windows Subsystem
for Linux and noticed that they create files which have reserved
characters by using the SFU remap strategy not the default used by
Macs and Linux (the posix or "SFM" mapping)

But at least it means if you mount to a windows system which has run
the Windows Linux Subsystem you can simply do mount with mount option
"mapchars" and the file names should show up fine.

See example below (mounted to Windows directory created by WSL):

Virtual-Machine:~# ls /mnt/special-file-names
'dirwithtrailingspace '   filewith:colon         'filewith space'
'filewith*asterisk'      'filewith>greaterthan'   filewithtrailing.
 filewithbackslash       'filewith<lessthan'



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