[Announce] Samba 4.11.0rc4 Available for Download

Björn Baumbach bb at sernet.de
Thu Sep 12 15:25:33 UTC 2019

Hi Franz!

On 9/11/19 3:15 PM, Franz Sirl via samba-technical wrote:
> just noting that 4.11 will already be the third major release without a
> fix for the https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13745 regression.
> Can someone at least comment on the bug so I can work on a patch and
> make PDF printing shares (via smbprngenpdf) functional again? Just
> moving the new %j/%J to %k/%K would be enough to fix the bug.

Thank you for the reminder.

Not only %j and %J are affected. There is also %p, which is used twice.

I've requested some comments from the samba team regarding the issue.
Metze added some notes to the bug report. There is still no decision,
but there are currently two ideas:

- make sure that the printing related commands are processed by
  standard substitution *after* the printing related substitution.
- add new substitutions and throw a warning if %j %J or %p is used

Stefan Metzmacher 2019-09-12 12:56:51 UTC

Another possible way would be to mark the printing related commands as
constant="1" in their documentation that should avoid the lp_string() is
called for them.

Then we can do the printing related %j substitution first and then
call lp_string() as a 2nd step.

Yet another or additional way would be to replace it with something that
doesn't require a single charater, similar to %$(envvar).
Maybe %{jobid} %{jobname} %{clientip_pathsafe} %{serverip_pathsafe}

Maybe we need both here.

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