PROPOSAL: deprecate plaintext password support (in SMB1) for 4.11?

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Thu Sep 5 04:21:10 UTC 2019

Hi Andrew,

>> +1 on deprecate lanman auth and ntlmv1, but we can't
>> remove I think until SMB1 is removed.
> OK, sorry for my late-night patch non-attachment.  I think my mail
> client even prompted me!  Oops.
> I'll write up something similar for lanman auth.  NTLMv1 will be with
> us a long time due to MSCHAPv2 sadly, but I'll see about some stern
> words.
> Thanks for the support.  I agree actually decisions come a long time
> later, after we asses the feedback.  We might not even hear from real
> users before 4.12 branches off given how long it takes folks to
> actually start using new Samba versions. 

Can you do the same for the client side parameters?


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