Converting SMB1 tests to SMB2

Ralph Boehme slow at
Wed Oct 23 11:08:12 UTC 2019

On 10/23/19 12:38 PM, npower wrote:
> On 23/10/2019 11:05, Ralph Boehme wrote:
>> For each item we:
>> - check is the *same* test already exists as a SMB2 tests
>> - if no: rewrite test as smb2 test
>> - remove smb1 test, remove entry from skip list
>> Am I missing something?t
> * There are tests there that are mixed smb2 & smb1, certainly some blackbox tests fall into this category, there maybe others, so skipping them currently skips the smb2 parts

yes, sure, I was skipping the finer details here.

> * There are tests that hang and crash, I am not certain they are running any smb2 stuff, without going through each and every test in the skip file to verify, it is impossible to tell if using the skip tests removes valid smb2 tests from the suite

I'm afraid, we have to do exactly that.

> * I thought that it would not be acceptable to just effectively remove all of these tests without a clean transition path, e.g. they run till they are removed

All this has to happen in a private branch of course, you can't push the
initial changes upstream of course.

> I'd prefer to just skip the tests and work through them, I am a little worried about doing that though, that's all

Hm, isn't that exactly what I'm suggesting? Phone call? :)


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