Samba and legacy Windows support

Andreas Schneider asn at
Tue Oct 8 08:59:41 UTC 2019

Samba with version 4.11 currently still support a lot of systems which are 
already out of support. We still get bugs to either fix support for Windows 
NT4 or OS/2. Also we know that Windows Server 2003 with Active Directory is 
still deployed.

In order to remove support for those platforms which are very long EOL, we 
should try to make announcements when we plan to remove support.

## Steps planned

With Samba 4.12 we plan to disable SMB1 by default and then remove support for 
it in Samba 4.13 or 4.14. This means end of 2020 or beginning of 2021.

If we remove support for SMB1, we could also remove support for NTLMv1 and 
Kerberos support for DES, 3DES and maybe RC4. Already on Fedora 31 use of 
these encryption types is blocked by the default system-wide policy and is not 
available through MIT Kerberos. DES support is fully removed from MIT Kerberos 

NTMLv2 is still widely used and it uses RC4. This means we can't remove 
support for it till there is a valid replacement for the pure file server 

## Questions

* Can we remove NTLMv1 and LM keys for Samba 4.12 (remove `libcli/auth/
* Can we remove DES and 3DES Kerberos support for Samba 4.12?
* When can we remove RC4 support with Kerberos?


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