samba 4.11 rpmbuild on CentOS7

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Mon Oct 7 17:45:36 UTC 2019

Hi Dario,

> Il giorno lun, 07/10/2019 alle 16.22 +0300, Alexander Bokovoy via
> samba-technical ha scritto:
>> We worked with Andreas this morning to add CentOS 8 support to Samba
>> CIsystems.
> Since the .spec file is the same for centos/redhat/fedosa, I suggest to
> include in the .spec file a flag like this:
> %global with_mit_krb5    1 (or 0 for heimdal)
> in this way people can recompile samba with  Heimdal Kerberos instead
> of MIT without modify .spec file
> Thanks

there are a few other things to take care of, like some files are build 
only when selecting MIT Kerberos, and some other only when building with 
Heimdal Kerberos. There are also a few packages that are not yet 
provided as python3-xxx naming scheme but only with the former EPEL 
python36-xxx naming scheme. Using transition package could do it. And a 
few build flags too. But I think it is definitly doable.

@Andreas @Gunter, if you think that a with_heimdal_kdc bcond would be 
acceptable to switch between MIT and heimdal in a upstream fedora 
package, I can see at adding the few %if %endif necessary.




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