Implementing SMB_VFS_FCNTL in Samba

Ralph Boehme slow at
Fri Oct 4 08:38:21 UTC 2019

On 10/3/19 3:20 PM, Anoop C S via samba-technical wrote:
> On Thu, 2019-10-03 at 18:43 +0530, Anoop C S via samba-technical wrote:
>> OK. This should be it. I hope attached patch covers the missing part
>> where recent fcntl() commands are detected during configure. A
>> pipeline
>> has been completed successfully for the attached patches.
>> Reviews are appreciated.
> Please ignore the previous version which had a typo in checking
> HAVE_XX_XX inside vfs_default. Attaching the patches after correction.

nice addition, thanks!

One nitpick and one general question.

Please don't do function calls in if expressions:

if ((val = SMB_VFS_FCNTL(fsp, F_GETFL, 0)) == -1) {
    return -1;


val = SMB_VFS_FCNTL(fsp, F_GETFL, 0);
if (val == -1) {
    return -1;

Then, I wonder why you make a copy of va_args in the time_audit and
full_audit VFS modules before calling the NEXT function. Can't we just
pass the va_list on to the NEXT function?


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