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> Hi,

> Can someone reiterate our versioning scheme for libraries? I'm a bit
> confused because there seem to be some contradictions.

our versioning system pretty much broken. The version number is also the ABI 
version number, but ABI versioning works differently.

See also

> - v4-11 branch has talloc v2.2.0 and master has v2.3.0 (additions to ABI
> - 2.3.0 was released without a Samba version that uses it)
> - Due to a bugfix, master goes to talloc 2.3.1 and Metze suggests that
> v4-11 should also go to 2.3.1 (and I remember that indeed this is the
> way it used to work)
> Now trying to apply same logic to ldb:
> - v4-11 branch has ldb v2.0.7 and master has unreleased v2.1.0
> (additions to ABI)
> - In the same way, I suppose that we need to release ldb 2.1.0 and
> upgrade v4-11's ldb to 2.1.0. But in ldb, we have 2.0.6 and 2.0.7 which
> are bugfix versions off v4-11 branch - why did we publish bugfix
> versions off v4-11 instead of releasing 2.1.x and moving v4-11 to use that?

libldb has a database version or layout version. That layout was stable for a 
long time but then changed. So we have incompatible versions because of the 
different layout. However you can't really see that from the version number.

I think berkley does this by adding a DB version number to the name



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