GPO application in Samba

Igor Chudov nir at
Wed Nov 6 09:10:01 UTC 2019


I'm an ALT Linux maintainer and I'm studying Samba code related to work 
with GPOs. I've read these three presentations:

and found this information about Group Policy Editor implementation:

I've also found this MR:

and at ALT Linux we're developing some ADMX files to allow easier 
integration of ALT Linux into domain:

so it would be nice to standardize the approach.

In the end: I'm too lazy to reinvent the wheel. I would be glad to 
contact David Mulder and other Samba Team members and cooperate in 
development of samba-gpupdate utility, related libraries and Group 
Policy extensions (solibs and Python modules). Also it would be nice if 
I will be able to modify yast-gpmc so it will be able to run in a 
generic distribution, not only SuSE Linux.

I also have a question about intended usage of gpext.conf file in 
python/samba/ . I've found no documentation except code about 
this part. Could anybody possibly clarify the purpose of this file?

With best regards, Igor Chudov.

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