gitlab question.

Jeremy Allison jra at
Fri May 24 17:43:26 UTC 2019

Asking to improve my gitlab-fu :-).

Ralph has a branch containing modifications
to a patchset I posted here:

I want to check out that branch so I can
see his changes as a list of git refs
(i.e. I want to checkout a copy of the
repo it created for him).

How do I do that ?

There's no link on the webpage showing how
to do that.

All there is is a button with cloud icon
with arrow pointing down, which when clicked
on (hurrah, it was a "Download" button,
wish it had actual *text* in it so you
didn't have to guess what the icons meant
but there you go) shows the options of

(off topic, web accessibility is a hot
topic at the moment. I don't think these
icons work for that).

"Download source code" as "zip", "tar.gz",
"tar.bz2" or "tar".

OK, maybe that's it - download the tar.gz,

Nope, just a snapshot of the source code,
no git information included. Not useful.

Anyone know how to do this ?

Aren't web interfaces wonderful :-) :-).

(yes I understand the irony, given my
employer :-).

FYI, this isn't a gitlab whine even though
it sounds like it - it's helped us do more
things better than we were doing previously.

I'd just like to make easy things easy :-).

I'm happy to have this email forwarded to gitlab
developers if anyone thinks this will help !


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