New csbuild run

Noel Power nopower at
Tue May 21 09:47:18 UTC 2019

On 21/05/2019 02:36, Martin Schwenke via samba-technical wrote:
> Hi Andreas, On Fri, 17 May 2019 16:34:42 +0200, Andreas Schneider via
> samba-technical <samba-technical at> wrote:
>> I've started a new csbuild run with ctdb included:
>> csbuild
>> normally checks a commit range for added errors. With a force push it
>> will check the last 20 commits. This means it will go back 20
>> commits, compile everything, then checkout what you pushed and
>> compare the diff of the output. If there are newly added errors, it
>> will fail. However it reports a huge amount of problems so that the
>> log exceeds the allowed size of 8MB. However we should try to address
>> the issues it finds to get to a smaller size. I normally try to fix a
>> few of those issues form time to time because it finds a lot of valid
>> once. It will lead to a much better and cleaner codebase in the end!
>> Please help fixing those bugs. 
> How can I run this locally on my laptop? peace & happiness, martin

The way I used it last was to run it in docker,  that way at least as
well you are sure you are on the same page as Andreas with respect to
any error messages etc. (and you know you don't need to set up anything
extra :-)) you can find the details of the docker image you need in the
job output above (there probably is a way to see what images are
available from the gitlab/samba project registry but I don't know how)

docker pull

docker images # which should show something like

b4dc3f0b446dbdc20779ae2090de0f5c0da9caef 85af60d25c85 4 days ago 1.32GB

you can then use the image id with to attach to it

docker run -it 85af60d25c85

inside the container you can clone samba git repo and csbuild is
available for you


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