[PATCH] tevent-glib-glue

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Wed Mar 13 09:35:06 UTC 2019

On 12/03/2019 14:10, Ralph Böhme via samba-technical wrote:
> Hi Noel,
> as discussed over IRF, attached the last iteration of the
> tevent-glib-glue patchset ready for review.
> The last patch changes the mdssvc (aka Spotlight) RPC service to
> actually make use of the tevent-glib-glue.
> For the interested readers:
> The mdssvc RPC service interfaces with Gnome Tracker which means we
> have to interface with a glib event loop. The existing code that does
> this from inside mdssvc.c is a crutch and depends on an external
> periodic trigger to manually poll the glib event loop for event ready
> to be dispatched.
> tevent-glib-glue is an attempt to integrate the glib mainloop with
> tevent. Thanks to some API support in glib, it's possible to integrate
> glib loop event sources with other event loops ie tevent.
> I've tested the patchset with recent macOS clients and it works just
> fine.
> CI: https://gitlab.com/samba-team/devel/samba/pipelines/51450757
> Noel, can you test this with your MS-WSP code on-top and ideally
> review? :)

First limited testing with WSP and it worked fine, will test more today
and will try to look deeper into the patches too

> Thanks!
> -slow

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