GSOC 2019 : Improve smbcmp week 6 & 7

P Mairo akoudanilo at
Mon Jul 29 08:03:25 UTC 2019

Hello, here is a summary of my activities for these weeks :
- Rectified multiple bugs with my solution
- Worked on a new diffs formatting
- Made a few test with encrypted packets
- Test captures with sample captures files sent by my mentor
- Add ignore filter for ignoring some fields
- Tested Solution using compound packets
- Removed xmldiff python library because it doesn't really manage compound
- Refactor code with proposed solution of my mentor
- Changed direction of the project from the original proposal :
Implementation of a GUI

For the last point, with my little experience in multiplatform GUI
programming with python, I felt I had 3 legit choices :
- wxpython
- tkinter
- Pyside 2 aka Qt for python
All the three are open source
I chose wxpython because it's well documented (unlike pyside 2 - at least
for the moment), with a relatively not bad looking UI (unlike Tkinter).
I'll be glad to have your thoughts about this point.


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