[PATCH] Improve performance of POSIX open - request query disk id open context

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 06:13:51 UTC 2019

We can cut the number of roundtrips on open (may also
help some rename cases as well) by returning the inode
number in the SMB2 open request itself instead of
querying it afterwards via a query FILE_INTERNAL_INFO.
This should significantly improve the performance of
posix open.

Add SMB2_CREATE_QUERY_ON_DISK_ID create context request
on open calls so that when server supports this we
can save a roundtrip for QUERY_INFO on every open.

Follow on patch will add the response processing for
SMB2_CREATE_QUERY_ON_DISK_ID context and optimize
smb2_open_file to avoid the extra network roundtrip
on every posix open. This patch adds the context on
SMB2/SMB3 open requests.


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