[PATCH] tevent: Do not use uninitialized tv in py_tevent_context_add_timer

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Jan 28 02:09:12 UTC 2019

hi Lukas,

On 21/01/19 11:12 PM, Lukas Slebodnik wrote:

> In another word.
> "{ 0 };" is a quick shorthand for setting the entire structure to zero.
> And it is used in recent commits in samba
> So I am not clear what is wrong from C99 POV here.

You are right of course.

I was perhaps distracted by the `gcc -Wmissing-field-initializers`
pseudo-standard, but in any case that is happy with "{ 0 };" and so it
should be.

So RB+, though it would still be nice if you could initialise callback
to NULL.

Another reviewer?


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