Backporting DCERPC Security Context Multiplexing?

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Thu Jan 17 16:09:28 UTC 2019


>> Here's what I'm going with. No real changes, just the
>> comments/commit massage updates and talloc -> talloc_zero change.
>> RB+.
>> Phew. That was a marathon review session :-).

As these patches would like fix real world problems, see:

I'm wondering if we should backport them to current releases?
We could also turn the feature off in order to keep the old

The patchset has a lot of patches, but the changes are very isolated
in the core s4:rpc_server and we have an it's tested a lot in I have a 4.9 backport here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/v4-9-dcerpc-auth

And a pipeline is running here:

What do you think?


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