[RFC] Plan for deprecating s4 pysmb.c python bindings?

Tim Beale timbeale at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Jan 10 03:11:25 UTC 2019


At the moment I'm trying to convert everything to use the s3 SMB client
bindings. Originally, I was planning on just deleting the s4 pysmb.c
bindings code once I've finished, but now I'm not so sure, if it's
possible that external consumers may be using them?

It looks like we added the s4 pysmb.c bindings for use within samba-tool
commands. It's probably not great for external consumers to use them,
because they don't support SMBv2 at all.

I was wondering about adding a DBG_ERR() log to samba v4.10 if anyone
tries to use the s4 bindings, then delete the bindings completely in the
next major Samba release (i.e. v4.11/v5.0). Does this sound like an
acceptable plan? (Obviously I need to land patches to convert samba-tool
to use the s3 bindings before I do that).


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