cifs client for-next status update

ronnie sahlberg ronniesahlberg at
Wed Jan 9 06:43:35 UTC 2019

It is not great, but you can access it.

Expand the "Build and install new kernel" tab in the build, then look
at the top 50-ish lines of output  and you will have the git show for
the top of the build :

 using PTY: False
Checkout the kernel
Fetching origin
>From /hostdata/cifs-2.6
   fea170804b4d..a0311d3c11c7  for-next   -> origin/for-next
Previous HEAD position was fea170804b4d cifs: update internal module
version number
HEAD is now at a0311d3c11c7 CIFS: Fix credits calculation for cancelled requests
Building kernel at
commit a0311d3c11c7e50d899368dd69d3f80756e85cbc
Author: Pavel Shilovsky <pshilov at>
    CIFS: Fix credits calculation for cancelled requests

On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 11:05 PM Aurélien Aptel <aaptel at> wrote:
> Steve French <smfrench at> writes:
> > Buildbot tests looked ok (albeit a few tests skipped due to xfstest
> > config issues such as generic/197, generic/208 etc.) for the current
> > for-next branch which includes most (first four of the five) of
> > Pavel's credit handling series (not the last one which might have a
> > problem, still checking).  Commits included are 5.0-rc1 + these six in
> > for-next.  Given the importance of the credit handling patches,
> > hopefully we can finish testing by the end of this week and get them
> > in ASAP.
> Is there a view where we can clearly see a list of commit tested and the
> result for each group? Closest I found was
> But it doesnt actually shows the commit msg or hash.
> Cheers,
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