cifs client for-next status update

Steve French smfrench at
Mon Jan 7 17:14:38 UTC 2019

Buildbot tests looked ok (albeit a few tests skipped due to xfstest
config issues such as generic/197, generic/208 etc.) for the current
for-next branch which includes most (first four of the five) of
Pavel's credit handling series (not the last one which might have a
problem, still checking).  Commits included are 5.0-rc1 + these six in
for-next.  Given the importance of the credit handling patches,
hopefully we can finish testing by the end of this week and get them
in ASAP.

a0311d3c11c7e50d899368dd69d3f80756e85cbc (HEAD -> for-next,
origin/for-next) CIFS: Fix credits calculation for cancelled requests
58312b5299e5a99d0b9bb3f54b179afb1fa41de3 CIFS: Fix credit computation
for compounded requests
d6663dba94a7e4f11888aec5559c72793b472076 CIFS: Do not set credits to 1
if the server didn't grant anything
4ebbe42ab24186c36c79a5b93d416e2b46891957 CIFS: Fix adjustment of
credits for MTU requests
cae2996afd095a73b5ba891d864601972dd3b7f9 cifs: Fix a tiny potential memory leak
f788b21300652fe1164eda5c49423c04c483b8ac cifs: Fix a debug message

(which includes 84 tests) and
(which now includes more than 50 tests)



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