Please avoid git send-email (was: Re: [PATCH] build: replace SAMBA3_ADD_OPTION with samba_add_onoff_option)

Björn JACKE bjacke at
Fri Feb 22 16:34:19 UTC 2019

On 2019-02-22 at 06:36 -0800 Christoph Hellwig via samba-technical sent off:
> On Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 02:30:53PM +1300, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical wrote:
> > This is because due to DMARC/DKIM etc, all mail through this list is
> > rewritten to be 'from' the list. 
> Maybe you need to fix that root problem instead instead of breaking
> standard tools..

the problem is that sender domains often have DMARC/SPF set for their sending
domains. At the same time many receiving sites evaluate the DMARC/SPF records
and will reject mails from servers that are not permitted to send mails in the
name of the senders' DMARC/SPF policies. As a result of that users from not
only users from sites using DMARC/SPF will be kicked off from the mailing list
because of back-bouncing mails but also users from sited which don't use DMARC
but honor the DMARC rules of other users will be kicked off the list. There is
nothing that a mailman server can do about that except for replacing the sender
information and move the original sender into the Reply-to for example. See for
example also:

Unofrtunately the rules how using mail and mailing lists can be used changed
over the years, having to use "From munging" is a result of that.

The only alternative would be to ignore all back-bouncing mails and also ignore
that users whose sites have DMARC policies enabled cannot really use the list
anymore. From munging is definetely the lesser evil then from my point of

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