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> Hello,
> see attachment, review much appreciated.
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G'Day Andreas,

I admire your enthusiasm for containers, for me they are just a tool to
get something done, not a personal passion.

I don't really mind what tools developers use on their workstations
etc, but I would just ask that you ensure that when we describe what is
used inside GitLab CI, we be as specific as possible describing the

This whole containerisation world is still bewildering to much of the
team, we should first aim to communicate exactly what tools the CI
piplines run, even if alternate or workalike tools exist. 

The same applies to the wiki.  I've tried to clarify a few things
there, which I hope clarifies things in a way you are still happy with.

Of course if upstream gitlab-runner changes the tooling, we should
update our documentation to explain the tooling now in use. 


Andrew Bartlett

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