Set client max/min protocol via environmantal variables

Mikhail Novosyolov m.novosyolov at
Tue Feb 12 19:27:49 UTC 2019

12.02.2019 21:47, Andreas Schneider пишет:
> On Tuesday, February 12, 2019 6:50:35 PM CET Mikhail Novosyolov via samba-
> technical wrote:
>> I've made a patch trying to allow setting 'client min protocol' and
>> 'client max protocol' via an environmental variable.
>> Samba 4.9.4 with this patch builds OK, but I don't see any effect from
>> e.g. SMB_CLIENT_MAX_PROTOCOL=NT1, even when setting this in systemd unit
>> smb.service
> What are you trying to achieve?

I am trying to workaround listing smb:// network/workgroups, broken in 
Samba 4.8 compared to Samba 4.7 due to client min protocol becoming SMB3 
and fixing Badlock.
Listing is done not be smbdclient CLI tool, but via

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