[FYI] Experimenting replacing cwrap with namespaces in selftest

Tim Beale timbeale at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Feb 8 04:00:40 UTC 2019


Just FYI, something we've been experimenting with in the background is
replacing some of the cwrap usage in selftest. We've tried removing
socket-wrapper/resolv-wrapper and using containerization via linux
namespaces instead.

Namespaces mean that each testenv can have its own /etc/resolv.conf and
have its own unique hostname, etc.

There's more details about it here:

Note there are still some major limitations involved in using namespaces
for things like gitlab CI or autobuild. Currently all I've really got is
a proof of concept that namespaces can work for testenvs. (The credit
for the prototyping really goes to Garming).

Over the next few weeks I plan to tidy up the changes I've got. I think
they can live alongside cwrap in selftest without degrading/complicating
the code too much. In the short-term, namespaces would probably be handy
for things like the customdc testenv, or manual developer testing (i.e.
you could potentially point other tools at your testenv DC).


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