[PATCH] s3:modules: Fix compilation of nfs41acl_xdr.c when building outside src

Karaliou, Aliaksei akaraliou at panasas.com
Wed Feb 6 16:22:57 UTC 2019


Please review (and even maybe accept) this change for a build script.
This change deals with non-common case with Samba build which I want to make real - allow build directory to be outside Samba tree at all (with other required of course).

Patch itself and approach looks like a hack, but there is a valid reason for that.
If reviewer/community does not like the way how it was done, I'm open for suggestions.

This was the only way it worked for me. Probably I've missed something, but:
    * I don't know how to at least make this as 2 stages (copy and then rpcgen so that ${SRC} appears to be good relative path from 'bin/default') - cannot make an order them and tell waf that inexistent nfs41acl.x-copy is ok.
    * I was not able to utilize WAF variables in other way because they either return full path or cannot compile because in expression like ${SRC.method(SRC.value)} or similar WAF cannot perform substitution inside method() params.

Other approaches are also failed for me for for such a reason that WAF scans directories when builds Nodes and even if first run passes, then it finds copied files instead of original ones (if names are similar) and so on.

Best regards,
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