Spelling/typos. /Fix multiple typos found by lintian on debian patch included.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Dec 16 15:46:09 UTC 2019

Hai Rowland, 

Well, that i missed a few that is possible. ;-) 

Git is still hard for me, so i started with with it not, and i think safest is to try and fix typo's.. 
And yeah.. I know,, im full of typo's, but im trying .. ;-) i used the example corrections for lintian. 

I also forgot everybody is buzy with 4.11.4.. Totaly forgot that release date. 

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> Hi Louis, believe it or not, but 'wont' is a valid English word ;-)

Ah, i knew it.. But i wat thinking, i'll bet Rowland will have a look. 
Best spell checker in english..  :-) 

> You missed a few typos/mis-spellings:
> s/Crete/Create/
> s/behavies/behaves/
> s/Thep/The/

Yes, possible, i'll see what the next lintian output gives on 4.11.4. 
And try to make a new one. 

> One of your changes is this:
>    * Heimdal libhdb library provides the backend support for 
> Heimdal kdc
> - * and kadmind. Its here where plugins for diffrent database engines
> + * and kadmind. Its here where plugins for different database engines
>    * can be pluged in and extend support for here Heimdal get the
>    * principal and policy data from.
> I think the the second to last line should be this:
>    * can be plugged in and extend support for where Heimdal gets the
> Finally, this:
> +The `check_boost` configuration function allows one to 
> specify the used 
> boost libraries.
> Should probably be this:
> +The `check_boost` configuration function allows one to specify the 
> boost libraries to use.

Ah,, i see, i missed "enters" also, so fixing these with sed is tricky.. 
I'll add that on my check list, that i must read the lines and not only use sed on it. 

I also still have a few git questions, but when im at that point i'll ask my question. 
But thank very much for the reply Rowland. 

Now, upto setting up for the 4.11.4 builds. 



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