parse_dos_attribute_blob() inconsistent file_id through make_file_id_from_itime()

Krasimir Ganchev ganchev at
Sat Dec 14 05:11:21 UTC 2019

On Friday, December 13, 2019 12:59 AM, Ralph Boehme wrote:
> this is a recent Samba change to overcome the problematic use of inode numbers for the file-ids. The assumption was that with nsec filesystem timestamp granularity, the itime, which stands for invented time and is basically an immutable birthtime, will alway be unique.
> Can you share a network trace of a minimal reproducer?

I am attaching a minimal packet capture at the time the directory was browsed. You can clearly see that the fileids returned are the same for files with the same timestamp (find response packet 53 from the capture). Within the attachment there is also a text file containing some part of the client debug log, stat of the shared directory contents, and samba-tool ntacl getdosinfo of each file in the directory.

You mentioned the change was needed due to problematic use of inode numbers. I suppose this might be an issue with filesystems without inode table. Can you please elaborate?

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