Converting SMB1 tests to SMB2

Noel Power NoPower at
Thu Dec 5 11:55:19 UTC 2019

On 05/12/2019 11:30, Ralph Boehme wrote:

In the last mail I sent, there were instructions for generating the list
tests that fail when all the envs by default do not negotiate SMB1, part
of the instructions included an initial skip list, that list was
attached to the mail,

yeah, I know, but I was not asking for the list of failing tests, but a
list with *only* the hanging tests.

the initial skip file attached to that mail and used as part of the instructions for generating the full skip file *is* actually the list of hanging tests, with the hanging tests prevented from running the stdout for the tests runs can be parsed to generate the remainder of the skip entries

Btw, can you add a commit with the instructions and the script? Easier
to find then a mail in this thread...

sure, probably will use npower_with_smb2_ntvfs


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