[PATCH] DSDB module to gather statistics

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Apr 17 22:23:36 UTC 2019

This patch introduces a new dsdb module, count_attrs, that counts the
attributes being requested and returned. It is not installed by default;
to use it you need to add a line and recompile the samba_dsdb module.

When it is running it writes tdb files in private/debug under the samba
tree. To analyse the results there is a python script that prints tables
 and even draws a graph if you insist.

The reason for this is dsdb requests mutate and bifurcate as they go
down the stack, while the replies don't necessarily answer the requests
to the letter. Without knowing what is actually being asked for or
received, it is hard to know what could be improved. Plugging this in at
various points gives some clues. The performance cost is fairly small. I
had a number but it was so small I forgot it.

For some reason I am finding it impossible to make a gitlab merge
request today. These patches passed CI here:


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