Samba 4.10.x and Bind9 DLZ dynamic updates

marcel at marcel at
Wed Apr 17 15:59:32 UTC 2019

Hi there,

since upgrading to Samba 4.10.x I can no longer do dynamic
DNS updates using bind 9.11 (with samba dlz).

I'm not 100% sure wether this is a 4.10 issue, or related to changes
in my build environment. However I can no longer do GSSAPI based
("nsupdate -g") DNS updates on my setup (NOTAUTH error).

I already tried several fixes (samba_dnsupgrade etc.) to get rid of this
issue - no luck so far

Kerberos based updates using "samba-tool dns" work btw - with the
same user.

I just wanted to ask if someone is using 4.10.x with bind9 dlz backend
and is still able to use this kind of DNS updates.

Any help / hint is welcome.

Best regards,

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