Add multichannel tests to smbtorture

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Tue Apr 16 14:54:50 UTC 2019

On 27/03/2019 19:31, Jeremy Allison via samba-technical wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 05:07:36PM +0000, Sachin Prabhu via samba-technical wrote:
>> A set of 19 patches which test the server for various simulated
>> multichannel related workloads and a major portion includes testing
>> for oplock/lease break when encountering network interruptions.
>> We use two methods to simulate a network interruption for individual channels.
>> a) iptables - Uses iptables to block the channel. This requires
>> privileged access and can only be run on linux based box with iptable
>> support. Called with argument --option=torture:use_iptables=true
>> b) the ignore handler - In this case, the client(torture script)
>> doesn't respond to oplock/lease break commands from the server.
>> By default we use the ignore handler.
>> The patches we are testing on the samba server waits for responses to
>> the break requests from the samba servers to confirm that the break
>> commands were received by them and acted on. This works with the
>> ignore handler we described earlier. This is therefore the default
>> method and can be run in automated, non privileged environments to
>> test the retry behaviour of the samba server.
>> The Windows based SMB servers OTOH rely on the tcp stack to confirm
>> delivery of the break request and therefore need the iptables method.
>> I have been using this to manually test the behaviour of windows
>> servers.
>> The work on these tests were initially started by Gunther Descher. I
>> have since picked these up and expanded on them.
> Oh thanks so much for this Sachin ! It is greatly
> appreciated.
> I'll try and make some time to review.
> Guenther, are you able to be second Team reviewer here ?

Yes, of course :) Sorry, forgot to mention that all of these patches
were reviewed by me earlier, so Sachin, please upload the same series
with my RB+ added :)


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