[PROPOSAL] Release ldb with Samba on the 6-montly release cycle

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Apr 11 08:36:59 UTC 2019

Looping back to the top of this thread to put a reduced proposal.

I've posted a new merge request here:

The scope is reduced to aligning the ldb version with the main Samba
version, so ldb would share the Samba release cycle.  There is no merge
with the main Samba build, just a change to the version number
calculations (and so release process). 

The primary motivation here is to decouple ABI changes (eg adding a new
function) from release points, and so slowing down to a 6-month release
cycle matching the main release cadence of Samba so that new features
have time to bake in master before they are released.

To be clear, an independent and smaller ldb tarball is still provided
for distributors that desire it and to demonstrate that the build
system remains independent of the main build.

This isn't designed to change how we develop ldb day-to-day, but it
will avoid work for metze creating confusing release tags and tarballs
that distributors can't ship (as they already must ship the version
matching their Samba release). 

I hope this reduced scope raises fewer concerns.  However I'm certainly
happy to hear any specific issues that I've not addressed, in
particular if it would cause any specific difficultly for sssd.

I note that metze has already pointed out that making each Samba
release create a new ldb tarball would be a pain.


Andrew Bartlett
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