[PATCH] enable logging for early startup failures

Ralph Wuerthner ralphw at de.ibm.com
Thu Apr 4 12:45:52 UTC 2019

Hi List!

Please see attached patch to enable logging in smbd & winbindd for early 
startup failures. This is quite useful for example when running a 
clustered Samba and smbd/winbindd are failing because a connection to 
CTDB cannot be established. Currently smbd/winbindd are just failing 
without any error messages. With the patch applied such errors will be 
logged via syslog:

winbindd[27916]: [2019/04/04 14:31:10.240311,  0] 
winbindd[27916]:   winbindd version 4.11.0pre1-DEVELOPERBUILD started.
winbindd[27916]:   Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2019
winbindd[27916]: [2019/04/04 14:31:10.240641,  0] 
winbindd[27916]:   ctdbd_init_connection: ctdbd_init_connection_internal 
failed (No such file or directory)
winbindd[27916]: [2019/04/04 14:31:10.240758,  0] 
winbindd[27916]:   clustering=yes but ctdbd connect failed: No such file 
or directory

In addition the version and copyright information for winbindd are now 
captured - previously this message was lost.

The CI pipeline is running at 


Ralph Wuerthner
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