building samba 4.9.x with python > 2.6

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at
Wed Apr 3 22:26:02 UTC 2019

On 4/04/19 11:05 AM, Alex Braunegg wrote:
> The error I am seeing comes from executing the binary as build via mock using the 4.9.4 release code.

What happened is the error message you see was not the same as the error
that finally got submitted into bugzilla, most likely because something
along the way decided to sanitise it for HTML.

There is a patch on the bug to try.


> Will attach the build log / root log to the bugzilla ticket.
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>> Hi all,
>> Whilst I have submitted a bug for Samba 4.9.x not working (compiles without
>> issue) with Python 2.6 (13882) on CentOS 6.x, I am looking for suggestions
>> on how to re-configure my current rpm spec file or use a ./configure flag to
>> force samba to use python35 rather than the default version of python.
>> Reading the docs / configure scripts etc, nothing is obvious to me where I
>> can say 'go use python version here' to build / compile against.
>> Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> The error reported in
> doesn't occur in any official Samba release, as far as I can tell. Is
> your spec file applying bad patches?
> A number of Python 2.6 bugs have been fixed in the latest 4.9 and 4.10:
> but not this one, because it doesn't exist. I wouldn't be surprised if
> there are more hiding in code less travelled.
> cheers,
> Douglas

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