GSOC 2019 participation and smbcmp Patch proposition review

P Mairo akoudanilo at
Wed Apr 3 07:04:19 UTC 2019


I'm a french speaking student pursuing a degree in computer science in
Yaounde (Cameroon) interested in participating in this year GSOC. I
discovered open source world very recently (2018) and switched to Linux as
my principal OS where I discovered samba.
I'm interested in the project of the *wireshark* section of the project
list, for the recall :
- *Improve smbcmp, the capture diff tool*
smbcmp is a simple CLI tool that uses Wireshark CLI version (tshark) to
dump and diff traces. It currently uses the plain text output format of
tshark but tshark also has a proper XML output. The goal of this project
would be to use or combine current tshark output with the XML output to do
better and deeper diffs (ignoring indentation differences, adding ways to
let users add ignore rules, etc).

hence my pull request

Apart from the improvement ideas proposed on the idea list, I have a few
ideas in order to improve smbcmp, which I will precise on my proposal.

My skillsets are mainly web-oriented as you can see on my github profile but I'm comfortable enough with C language which I
started learning back in 2015 and python3 which is more recent (2017). My
contributions in open source are for the most part documentation
improvement, so I have a little experience in documenting my work.

I guess it's all, waiting for your returns.


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