Samba 4.7.8 - Windows user can't change passwords

Bryant Zimmerman bryantz at
Mon Sep 24 23:40:21 UTC 2018

We have a 4.7.8 Samba server running AD 
We can add computers, Users, and GPO's without issues. 

For some reason Windows Users can not change their passwords. 

Our old Samba 4.4 did not have this issue. One of my guys posted earlier on this and was suggested to look at the Kerberos formats. 
This does not make sense as the users can log in with their passwords, They just are not being allowed to change their passwords. 
I see in the samba change log  shows a number of changes in 4.7.x where password changing was updated. Is there some kind of new flags or configurations that have to be set?  - I have also setup a brand new 4.7.8 install fresh and it has the issues as well. So this seems to not be related to upgrading our older 4.4.x to 4.7.x 

Any ideas are appreciated. 

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