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Mon Sep 24 15:03:20 UTC 2018

New comment by bjacke on Samba Github repository
On 24.09.2018 15:13, Mathieu Parent wrote:
> I didn't expect opposition on this patch. Let's give some more remarks:
>   * Current codebase has 66 uses of |#!/usr/bin/perl| and 6 of |env.*perl|
>   * Nobody complained about those 66

can you make a patch for those 66 then, please?

>   * Using perl from |PATH| can break things (if a module is not found
>     for example)

that's a problem of the perl installation then.

>   * Even a perl dev wants Samba to work, even if the /usr/local perl
>     install is broken

this is not about perl devs. There are systems, where perl is not part
of a standard installation and wherer perl in just not located in /usr/bin/

>   * You can always call a script with |/usr/local/bin/perl script-name|

this is fixing the non-portable shebangs. We want (at least try) to be
as portable as possible.

Please also use bugzilla to report bugs and sugget patches. Even if the
README still contains the outdated information about contributing
patches via github.

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