Not sure if this is WAF 2.0 related - it is not handling at least one "bi-endian" platform correctly now.

Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Thu Sep 6 15:51:43 UTC 2018

On to, 06 syys 2018, Christopher O Cowan via samba-technical wrote:
> I'm still working on other WAF 2.0 problems that are preventing my waf
> configure from completing now, so I don't have the c4che files.
> Here are the snippets from the config.log, showing the problem:
> (See attached file: pre-waf20-config.log)(See attached file:
> endian-fail-config.log)
Thanks, so the end result is the same -- tests for LITTLE endian, BIG
endian, LITTLE endian runtime are failing, BIG endian runtime succeeding
in both cases. Looks like the end result is that a define for the last
one didn't set.

I think my should
fix this issue. You'd need to add a compiler fix for AIX similar to what
Andreas did in 88216e63c97591685a6b9a0b8bca56c02abc767d on top of that
but define/undefine fixes I did should be able to help here.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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