Not sure if this is WAF 2.0 related - it is not handling at least one "bi-endian" platform correctly now.

Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Thu Sep 6 05:54:03 UTC 2018

On ke, 05 syys 2018, Christopher O Cowan via samba-technical wrote:
> So, I noticed today that waf config was failing on AIX because it started
> passing both the HAVE_LITTLE_ENDIAN and HAVE_BIG_ENDIAN tests.    I enjoyed
> the error message "Failed endian determination.  The PDP-11 is back?",
> BTW ;)
> The Power Architecture has always been bi-endian, but it seems that it is
> now passing the Little Endian check with WAF 2.0.
> My understanding is that the newer ARM processors are also bi-endian.
> Both platforms default to Big Endian, so I believe the wscript should only
> check if both variables are unset, on line 561
Could you please share bin/config.log and bin/c4che/

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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