[PATCH] more python patches (unused variables)

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Oct 31 20:42:04 UTC 2018

hi Noel,

> I think the majority of these are either cut'n'paste related or remnants
> of debug code, ones I would worry a little about (but not much) would be
>> [PATCH 03/16] dbchecker: remove unused variables
>> -        controls = ["extended_dn:1:1", "show_recycled:1"]
> Is there a chance the controls should be used in the following
>>         if self.do_modify(m, ["show_recycled:1"],

Yes! (and this is why we shouldn't leave unused variables lying around
-- they make it look like we're doing things that we are not).

> I don't know enough about that to comment more:-(

Likewise. But fortunately your pointing this one out enticed Andrew to
look at the patch and he says it is right.

> also err_wrong_default_sd doesn't use sd_old that is passed in

Right. Unused arguments are of course trickier in general because the
function might need to have a particular signature for external reasons.
But not in this case.

>> [PATCH 14/16] python/join: remove unused imports and variables
>> record_type = dnsp.DNS_TYPE_A
> that one maybe could be used in the call to
> 'dns_conn.DnssrvEnumRecords2' in the same method, so maybe record_type
> should have been used there (with record_type = dnsp.DNS_TYPE_ALL) but 
> again I have no real clue.

Andrew approves of this one too.

> other than that I'd say RB+ from m3.  I guess it would be wise to wait a
> little bit to see if anyone one else wants to chime in and if nobody
> raises anything in the next day or 2 then push the lot :-)


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