Add more comments on linked attribute limitations

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Tue Oct 30 09:35:41 UTC 2018

Am 30.10.18 um 10:33 schrieb Stefan Metzmacher via samba-technical:
> Hi Tim, hi Andrew,
>> RB+ with the suggested changes.diff attached. I attached an updated
>> version of the original patch too.
>> Suggested changes:
>> - replmd_delete_internals(): I just moved the comment up a bit. (I found
>> it a bit confusing to talk about not finding backlinks when we clearly
>> had found one).
>> - replmd_process_linked_attribute(): this function is complex enough,
>> and replmd_delete_link_value() should already cover the DRS code-path.
>> It might be better sticking a comment in linked_attributes.c instead.
>> - minor elaboration on "filtering at runtime" and fixed typo.
>> On 30/10/18 4:01 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>>> G'Day,
>>> While reviewing I
>>> forgot how bad the limitations on our linked attribute handling are.
> I've included this into my branch.
>>> This commit just tries to add some more warnings that might help remind
>>> the next person trying to remember why we can't have nice things.
>>> Please review so I can push with metze's patches.
> Can I assume I can add a review tag to my patches and push them to master?

Ok, a moment after I sent this, the mail on samba-cvs arrived,
so it's in master now!


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