smb_panic and pdb

Jeremy Allison jra at
Fri Oct 26 19:29:23 UTC 2018

On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 05:13:04PM +0200, Andreas Schneider via samba-technical wrote:
> Hello,
> we have a retrace report which starts to glow. winbind is create a core file 
> during a name lookup because it fails to load the pdb methods and calls 
> smb_panic().
> This is probably a configuration issue.
> However how should we deal with that in a more graceful way and write what is 
> wrong the the log file instead of core dumping?
> This has been reported over 6000 times in the meantime. The backtrace is here:

The backtrace shows it printing a name of the backend
method it's trying and failing to find:

 224                 char *msg = NULL;
 225                 if (asprintf(&msg, "pdb_get_methods: "
 226                              "failed to get pdb methods for backend %s\n",
 227                              lp_passdb_backend()) > 0) {
 228                         smb_panic(msg);

Do you have a log file showing what the
name is ?

It'll be what the user configured in:

passdb backend = XXXXXX

so I'm guessing a miss-spelling here will
cause the smb_panic.

We should probably print the error message
here and exit more gracefully.


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