[PR PATCH] Fix compatibility issues with the timespec struct

joan at profuzdigital.com joan at profuzdigital.com
Fri Oct 26 10:47:01 UTC 2018

> > In a somewhat related note - libsmbclient.h currently cannot be used with `--std=c99` because of the dependency on `timespec`.
> Is that solved with your patch or isn't it? If not, I'd like to
> understand why struct timespec is in conflict with --std=c99. Does c99
> not enable timespec in time.h?

No, my patch does nothing to solve this. It was just a side note. And 
yes -
the timespec struct is not a part of the c99 standard. It's available in 
gnu99 (in time.h), and c++17 (in ctime)

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