Query regarding smb-multichannel configuration in samba with RSS capable NIC

Sandeep Jakka sandeepsjakka at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 12:40:38 UTC 2018

Hi Team,

I configured samba server on RHEL7.4 and trying to configure
smb-multichannel feature with it.
I have 2 NICs which are RSS enabled. On windows server 2016 as well as on
RHEL configured NICs are configured in different subnet.
I mapped CIFS share on windows2016 machine and tried to copy the files on
CIFS share. On windows in the output of "get-smbmultichannelconnection"
command I observed that both the NICs are getting used but as per
expectation if NIC is RSS capable then it should create 4 connection per
NIC which is not happening. It has created only 1 connection per NIC.

On windows I checked NIC properties, RSS capability is endable on NICs but
in the output of "get-smbmultichannelconnection" command value for "Client
RSS capable" is appearing as FALSE.

So could you please on how to configure samba with NICs RSS capability.

Thanks in advance.


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